National Day of Action Mobilizes Communities Across Country to Fight Proposed $7 Billion Cuts to HUD - #NoCuts #Homes4All

On July 6, communities across the country teamed up for the July 6 National Day of Action to fight against the $7B cuts to HUD.

Missed out on the action? It’s not too late! Find your representatives and demand that they take action to prevent these life-threatening cuts. You can also sign a petition in support of HUD funding here

Check out a sample letter to your representative! 

The proposed cuts to HUD will eliminate:

  • The $3 billion Community Development Block Grant Program which funds everything from Meals on Wheels, to roads, sewers and housing
  • $1.3 billion from the Public Housing Capital Fund which helps maintain more than 1.2 million public housing units nationwide
  • The National Housing Trust Fund which assist states and local efforts to develop affordable rental housing
  • 250,000 Section 8 rental vouchers
  • $42 million in funding for elderly housing assistance and $29 million for assistance for disabled housing programs.
  • 20% of funding for Native American housing block grants, despite HUD’s own estimate than 68,000 new units are needed to stem the housing crisis for indigenous communities.

Find out how your community will be impacted by the cuts here. 

Yesterday was just the first part of a mass mobilization that will culminate with the Tenants March in Washington D.C. on July 12th and the Renters Week of Action September 18-23rd, not to mention allied efforts that CarsonWatch is supporting along the way, such as the Our Homes, Our Voices | National Housing Week of Action