JOIN US - July 6 - National Day of Action Against Housing Cuts!

Trump has declared his war on the poor by vowing to cut over $7B from HUD.

JOIN US NEXT WEEK, July 6, for the National Day of Action Against Housing Cuts

HUD provides necessary aid to the most vulnerable people across the country, and ensures poor/ low income families have a roof over their head, and the #TrumpBudget will leave millions of families and elderly Americans at risk of homelessness.

Now, to rub salt into the wound Trump has appointed his event planner to run New York’s Federal housing programs. A planner of events of the rich and famous now has in her hands the nation’s most important funding to help families in need.

On July 6th, tenants across the country will say NO MORE. We are encouraging tenants who rely on HUD to put a roof over their heads to target their local Congress Member or HUD office and demand #NoCuts to housing programs.

RSVP to the Facebook Event page here, and learn about other ways you can take action here on CarsonWatch.