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Secretary Carson Watch - CarsonWatch

Millions of Americans have a decent place to call home because of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) programs.

President Trump and some members of Congress are planning an all-out attack on many of these programs, which may be why Trump selected Ben Carson, a fair housing skeptic with no housing experience, to lead HUD. Secretary Carson holds fringe views that threaten the viability of the department itself.

He has the power to roll back the clock on civil rights protections – and has likened existing fair housing protections to “social engineering.” He has the power to weaken housing programs that enable countless Americans to make their rent each month – and has called poverty a “choice.”

He also has the power to steer taxpayer support to Trump business interests, lining his boss’s pockets in the process – and even refused to rule out such an unethical practice during his Senate confirmation hearing. Americans are under threat of losing their homes and watching their civil rights dismantled before their eyes.

That’s why we have launched CarsonWatch.

Supported by a grassroots network of concerned individuals like you, CarsonWatch is teaming up with allies nationwide to stop President Trump, Secretary Carson and their congressional allies from any attempts to roll back fair housing protections, undermining the housing security of millions of Americans, and engaging in self-dealing.

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