CarsonWatch Featured in The Atlantic

CarsonWatch was just featured in The Atlantic’s Citylab.

“Our goal is to hold Secretary Carson and Trump accountable for their actions,” says Guillermo Mayer, president and CEO of Public Advocates. “We plan to monitor HUD closely and communicate with housing activists on the ground in different cities to help them organize responses to decisions that impact them. We’re teaming up with lawyers. We’re lawyers ourselves.”

Public Advocates is running CarsonWatch with the support of three different housing and justice organizations: the Poverty & Race Research Action Council, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, and PolicyLink. Each organization is contributing a different network of experts and lawyers who, Mayer says, will help keep an eye on HUD under the Trump administration.

“We’re going to be watching for and exposing signs of ethics violations as well as attempted rollbacks in civil rights protections and enforcement, or cuts to housing programs like the ones that have been announced through the budget outline,” Mayer says.

Read the full article here, and if you haven’t already, join the watch today here!

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