CarsonWatch denounces white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and KKK members in Charlottesville this weekend.

We pledge to stand up to hatred, fascism and terror.

We pray for those who lost their lives and were brutally injured and their loved ones. We honor their memory and the memory of so many others who have died as a result of racial inequality and discrimination by recommitting to counter hatred with love and violence with non-violence.

This country has been built upon a foundation of white supremacy and racist violence. From the mass theft of Indigenous land and forced slavery of Africans; to the redlining and segregation of black and brown communities by Wall Street and the federal government as well as massive budget cuts that threaten the livelihood of communities of color and working class people.

White supremacy is not simply white men in hoods or carrying torches. White supremacy is our neighbor. It lives and breathes in the DNA of this country. As the nation grapples with the horrific violence of Charlottesville, let this be a call to all of our communities to challenge systemic racism and white supremacy in all its forms and at every level, from individuals to institutions. Let this be a moment to come together in unity and to denounce any politician, elected official or neighbor – from the White House to our block – who benefits from white supremacy or is complicit in its violence.

CarsonWatch stands with all who are, and have been, organizing in resistance to transform our world. We pledge to do everything we can to promote greater understanding and solidarity among people of every background. We pledge to stand up to hatred, fascism and terror. And we pledge to hold any elected official accountable who refuses to unequivocally side with good over evil as these times demand.

We will share updates in the near future about upcoming actions and ways to get involved.