These Three Cities Are Resisting!

A few weeks ago, we told you about the most crucial housing programs administered by HUD. Now we face the devastating funding cuts in President Trump’s FY 2018 budget proposal – a proposal that Secretary Ben Carson has embraced, threatening housing security for millions of Americans.

The Trump Administration’s ruthless attempt to cut safety nets for our most vulnerable populations is no surprise to CarsonWatch, but it signals a new low for Secretary Carson, who had previously pledged that he would defend critical housing services.

Thankfully, thousands of individuals are rising up and telling both Secretary Carson and Trump they will not stand for such a regressive agenda. Communities are organizing to demand better for their neighbors.

Check out these recent grassroots efforts from three very different corners of the country:

Jersey City
In Jersey City, local activists organized under the name Evict Trump-Kushner are raising their voices in opposition to a Kushner Companies proposed development. And they’re being heard.

Thank you, New York Times, for uncovering the Landlord Kushner scandal this week!

Oakland organizers in our own backyard are empowering low-income communities through education and town hall meetings with legislators.

During his own “listening tour,” Miami residents successfully confronted Secretary Carson about the $6 billion in planned budget cuts.

Is your community taking action for affordable housing?
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