Now is the Time to Invest in Housing Instead of Cutting Crucial Programs

HUD Affordable Housing

Whether you benefit directly or not from a HUD program, chances are, you’ve enjoyed HUD investments in your community. From community centers to turning around downtown areas, HUD plays a critical role in providing flexible resources that improve the places we call home.

At the same time, millions of Americans are facing real hardship as the cost of housing rises.

According to a recent report by the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, over 18 million American homeowners are forced to spend more than a third of their income on their housing, crowding out family budgets at the cost of other priorities like groceries, medicine, and childcare.

For renters, the crisis is even worse. The Joint Center reports that over 21 million Americans spend more than a third of their income on their housing. Over 11 million renters spend more than half of their income on housing. Yet years of budget cuts have led to a situation where today only 1 in 4 income-eligible renters receives assistance of any kind.

Given the many benefits of flexible grant funds to our communities, and the great need for more affordable housing, any efforts by President Trump, HUD Secretary Carson and their allies in Congress to cut funding for HUD programs would represent a step in the wrong direction.

Over the coming months, CarsonWatch will be monitoring the budget proposals and debates emanating from Washington to fight any efforts to weaken the housing security of millions of American families.